THE 2023 TAG Fall Cave-In #45

will be here soon!!

Oct 5th-8th, 2023!

             Join us as we raise our glass ONE LAST TIME in Georgia... and into the future

Here's the answer to the BIG Questions:

You must be an NSS member, or be sponsored by one as a guest to attend, so
Go ahead and renew your NSS MEMBERSHIP now, so you can register faster!

2. This year's THEME is STEAMPUNK!! (Dress up)
2023 T-Shirt design:

3. This years Bands: 
Friday Night until 10 PM (Movie is at 11)

Blanton and The Rimstone Rangers

----------------------Anna Blanton and the Rimstone Rangers

Anna is a fiddler based in Louisville KY, and is a member of the Louisville Grotto. She played as a member of the last 2 year's band here at TAG, and has played alongside such bands as Disturbed, and Celtic Thunder just to name a few! We welcome her back for a stellar time!! 
See the schedule below for more info about the band!

-----------------------Saturday Night Band: Muchos Garcias

Muchos Garcias is an all-caver band from around the USA, coming together to bring us together! Comprised of five NSS Fellows, one Lew Bicking Award recipient, and one very supportive caver spouse.
We cant wait to explore the evening with you!

(You may have caught them on TAG Free Radio last year when we auditioned them - they are JUST AWESOME!!)

Read more below in the schedule...


More news below, so keep scrolling ....

UPDATED 8/25/23

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT CAMPING Please share to your Grotto or Group:

The large field just behind the shower house is STILL CLOSED to camping this year.

This is where many larger campers typically go, so consider this before you bring your

land yachts since you will need to find somewhere else to park and camp.

The Hot Tub and Sauna area has been closed at the request of the property owner.

We are no longer maintaining this area and will have a caver memorial during the Saturday

night Awards Announcements.

Also, LASER POINTERS are banned, along with AIR HORNS and BOMBS.
Laser pointers will be confiscated. 

Here is a listing of happenings for this year:


ON SITE REGISTRATION will be open Thursday 12PM until Saturday 4PM EASTERN TIME.

We will have a welcoming (Howdy) party across from the shower house.

Remember Steampunk is the theme, so don't be afraid to bring your costumes out early!


Caving, Vendors to outfit you for any TAG Cave, Squeeze Box Contest, and Survey Contest

Steampunk Parade

Small Bon Fire

Anna Blanton and The Rimstone Rangers will rock us on the stage that evening! (until 10PM)

Movie - "Wild, Wild West" (Begins at 11PM)


More Caving & More Shopping with our amazing Vendors

Vertical Climbing Contest, Squeeze Box Contest, Survey Contest & 5k Run

Awards & Door Prizes

Muchas Garcias will start rocking when the BA Bon Fire is lit, then jam into the late hours.


Walker County Cave & Cliff Team Breakfast:

Help support your local rescue squad by buying a ticket for the famous TAG breakfast!
(tickets available at registration, first come first served, they usually run out)

Sunday Morning Give-Back:

After you're packed up, please help clean your area, and the whole site.

Let's leave it better than we found it, like CAVERS are famous for - and PLEASE, PLEASE

separate and recycle all your cans and plastics!

We are grateful the Sewanee Mountain Grotto maintains

this important conservation project as it helps Mother Earth

and reduces our waste disposal costs, which increases funding for caver projects.

So, it's worth the extra few seconds to find a recycle bin - they're everywhere!!


Friday Night: Anna Blanton and The Rimstone Rangers

Anna Blanton is a fiddler and violinist based out of the Louisville, KY area and has performed with Colter

Wall, Michael Buble, Hanson, Michael Bolton, Josh Groban, Sara Evans, Steven Curtis Chapman,

Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling, Disturbed, 2 Cellos, Celtic Thunder, and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She

currently plays for The Bourbon Britches, Tim Goodin, and Tony Logue. Music brought Anna into the

caving world. She has performed at The Caverns, TAG 2021 and 2022, and Cave Capers 2023. Anna is a

member of the Louisville Grotto, Central Indiana Grotto, and an admin of the Non-Grotto Grotto. The

Rimstone Rangers were assembled as a special caver band especially for TAG 2023! Expect a fun night of

steampunk power and bluegrassy jams! The last set of the night will be an open jam, bring your

instruments and join us on stage.

Saturday Night: Muchas Garcias
(You may have caught them on TAG Free Radio last year when we auditioned them - they are JUST AWESOME!!)

Muchos Garcias is an electric-acoustic caver band comprised of five NSS Fellows, one Lew Bicking Award

recipient, and one very supportive caver spouse. At roots of this musical collaboration is caver culture.

The current form of Muchos Garcias was born around a thousand campfires over the last 20 years

anywhere cavers have gathered across North America and the world.

The name Muchos Garcias refers to feeling grateful and a recognition that there are indeed many, many

Garcias that we interact with out in the big world. MG aims to celebrate the Garcias we have met, caved

with, and enjoyed music with over the years. MG spreads the vibe in hopes of helping to maintain the

culture and to add new Garcias to the family along the way.

Muchos Garcias covers and explores many genres and forms of music with an arsenal of electrified

campfire instruments including acoustic-electric guitars, electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, banjo,

electric violin and harmonica with vocals and harmonies by four band members. MG plays songs you

know, songs you don’t, songs about caving, songs about being on the road, and lots more. The band

aims to evoke the feel of a base camp or fieldhouse dance party in the heart of karst country.

Muchos Garcias hails from California, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, and Indiana and is honored to be

invited to TAG. Muchos Garcias is excited to rock out the 2023 TAG Fall Cave-In with you!

Where is the TAG Fall Cave-in?

Street Address: 2477 OLD STATE RD. MENLO, GA
Google Maps Link


Vendors, email  or see here for vendor registration info.


The Cave-In Recycles your trash into cash to help caves! a special thanks to the volunteers from Sewanee Mountain Grotto for their hard work!

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