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Campout/Monthly Meeting

  • March 09, 2019
  • 7:00 PM
  • Little Coon Valley



Join us for our March Meeting and Campout in TAG.  We wil be at the Little Coon Valley Campground.  There will be several caving trips this weekend as the campground is close to several caves. 


This month's presentation will be given by Maureen Handler.  Maureen is a long time caver, cave steward, NSS member, Sewanee Mountain Grotto Member as well as countless others.  When Maureen is not working or at her Campground for cavers (Caver's Paradise), she is probably volunteering for the SCCi, NSS, SMG or other cave association.  She does still go caving.  Maureen will be talking about this year's NSS Convention in Cookeville, TN.  


Directions to the Little Coon Campground:

From Stevenson, Alabama

(At the intersection of AL 117 & US 72, The Stevenson, Alabama Exit)

Drive NORTH on AL117 through the little town on Stevenson. The highway will jog left in downtown. Note the Stevenson Train Depot on the left. Continue north, paralleling the railroad tracks for about 1.4 miles to Jackson County Road 53 (Google maps says 55, but that's incorrect!) on the LEFT. Be careful, it's easy to miss - you will immediately cross the railroad tracks, then the road makes a hard right. Drive about 3 miles. Look for Jackson Co. Rd. 54 in a right-fork. Bear right onto JC54. Continue about 7.5 miles to the campground, which is uphill, on your right.

Some landmarks to help: On JC54, at mile 3.8, there is Cave Spring Baptist Church, on your left.

About 1/2 mile from the campground, the paved road becomes dirt. Here the road parallels the riverbed. It will probably have water running in it with all the rain we've had. The campground is JUST BEFORE the first mandatory river crossing.

Worthy of note: During the summer, this streambed is usually dry, but thunderstorms can cause it to become impassible for days at a time. This is why they put the camp BEFORE the creek crossing. Bear this in mind when visiting this area!

This camping area is heavily frequented by hunters when it’s that time of year. It can be crowded during these times, and is first-come, first served.

Campground: 34 57 00.5 N 85 59 16.6 W

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