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Trip To Petty Johns Led By Alex Lambie

  • March 07, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 23617 GA-193, LaFayette, GA 30728
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Howdy folks,

Alex Lambie will be leading a trip to good ole' PJ's on Saturday.

This is an advanced horizontal trip. Prepare for a 5-7 hour trip of crawling and squeezing in the mud, with some potential for getting wet depending on the weather (expect at LEAST hands and knees).

"Advanced Horizontal trip with climbs and lots of squeezes. We will be staying in the upper levels of the cave at the entire time while completing the traditional pettyjohns loop with a slight detour to the largest room in the cave if the crew is feeling up to it."

Access to this cave requires you to have a GA hunting/fishing license to be on WMA land. The cheapest of which is a fishing license. The rangers are known to come by and ask to see your license. Please make sure you have one, and as always leave no trace. If you see trash in or outside the cave, please put it in your pack and bring it out to dispose of it properly so that others may continue to enjoy the cave.

You can obtain a license here :

We will meet at Uncle Jeds Gas station just down the road at 10am EST.

Address : 23617 GA-193, LaFayette, GA 30728

DCG ALWAYS uses Eastern Timezone, even if the event is in a different timezone. Cell phones will jump to the Central Timezone while you are still in the Eastern Timezone when they get close to the tower, so be aware of this so you don't show up an hour late wondering where everyone is. They are probably already caving!

To join, you will need to bring:

  • A helmet with mounted light and new/fresh batteries (recommend backup headlamps)
  • Spare batteries for your light
  • Gloves
  • Kneepads
  • Sturdy boots/shoes
  • Lunch/snacks for eating in the cave
  • Water(suggest around a liter/person)
  • Extra layer (suggest a light jacket/sweatshirt)
  • Backpack to carry your gear so your hands will be free to move in the cave
  • Any medicine you need (please let us know of ANY conditions you have!)

I highly suggest bringing a change of clothes/shoes for when you exit the cave (to keep your car clean) and a bag to put your dirty clothes in after you change. A towel helps, too.

If you have any questions, reach out to Alex Lambie via his cell (470-244-4732) or Facebook.

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