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Regular Meeting - Virtual via Zoom

  • October 04, 2022
  • 7:00 PM
  • Virtual - Zoom


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Join us for our 10th regular meeting of 2022, held virtually via Zoom.

Dr. Matt Niemiller, Professor at the University of Alabama, will be our guest presenter for the evening.
He'll be speaking on:

Diversity in the darkness:
Addressing gaps in our knowledge of subterranean biodiversity in North America

His synopsis:

Caves, groundwater, and other subterranean habitats harbor a diverse
and significant fauna that provide significant economic and societal
value (i.e., ecosystem services), from water purification and nutrient
recycling to being important models for developmental and human health
research. Yet, our knowledge of subterranean biodiversity is extremely
limited and adheres to the idiom “out of sight, out of mind.” Most
cave-obligate species are diminutive, non-charismatic, and occur in
habitats that are literally hidden below the earth. Consequently,
significant knowledge gaps exist related to true levels of diversity,
distributions, abundance, evolutionary history, and life history of
subterranean fauna.The ever-increasing risk of biodiversity loss from
a plethora of threats, such as urbanization, groundwater pollution,
and climate change, adds urgency to our need to understand the
responses and resiliency of subterranean biodiversity in the face of
environmental change. Here I review cave and groundwater fauna in
North America, including its diversity, importance, knowledge gaps,
and conservation status. I also will discuss new approaches and
initiatives to address these knowledge shortfalls and offer
recommendations for future research and conservation and management

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