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  • January 13, 2019 9:23 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I am pleased to announce that the following individuals will be your 2019 Grotto Officers. As part of the latest bylaws updates, their term will commence at the January Board meeting when they will officially take office. Between now and then we will be working on the transition and bringing the new officers up to speed.

    Chair: Jon Zetterberg
    Vice Chair: Glenn Fell
    Treasurer: Roger Olmsted
    Recording Secretary: Josh Blanchette
    Corresponding Secretary: Lesley Colton
    Public Relations: Amber Griffith AJ Griffith
    3 year CAB: Matt Blake

    A big thank you to the outgoing board members for your service over the past 1-2 years, and thank you to those who ran for a position but unfortunately may not have been elected for stepping up to serve.

    The grotto is poised for continued success and in the words of our Chair-Elect, “Less Talking, More Caving”

  • April 02, 2018 7:14 PM | Anonymous

    Over the past few years, the DCG has embarked on ways to better engage, better manage, better recruit, and provide better value to our members.  We have made tremendous progress in lots of areas like more trips and alternating meeting locations combined with campouts just to name a few.  Behind the scenes the DCG has been managing the grotto with some technology that was cutting edge when we adopted it more than 2 decades ago.  The board unanimously agreed that we need to move into the 21st Century and make some improvements both in technology and streamlining common processes.  

    I am pleased to announce that the launch of a new member management system called MyDCG. 

    With MyDCG, you will be able to:

    • Receive regular renewal notices
    • Be able to easily Renew your membership at any time from your profile
    • See when your renewal is from your profile.
    • Be Easily alerted when your membership is up for renewal.  
    • Access the immense resources waiting for you in the member section with your own username and password. (No More remembering the universal password)  Such Resources include Back issues of the Georgia Underground and Past Issues of the Hole Story just to name a few.  
    • RSVP For Meetings
    • Sign up for trips that are exclusive only to current members. 
    • Rent and pay for Helmets as part of trip registration or just rent and pay for helmets online.
    • View a real time up-to-date membership roster to contact your closest friends to plan that next epic caving adventure.  

    These are only a few of the new features that you will be able to have with MyDCG. 

    To access:

    go to and click “login” at the top of the page.

    You will be receiving an email shortly after this with your password.    Your login will be your email on record.

    You can also just click "forget password" to reset your password.  

    If you are not current with your membership, you won't be able to access all these great resources.    

    This is a new system to all of us and there may be a few hiccups in the meantime.  Please be patient and if there are any issues, let us know at so that we can get it resolved. 

    Dogwood City Grotto & the MyDCG Implementation Team

  • March 28, 2018 7:19 PM | Anonymous

    Greetings Folks! 

    Today, Glenn Fell, the 2018 DCG Grotto Chair named Tamara Lesage as this year's Tag Fall Cave In Chair. Mr Fell stated "Tamara has been around the Cave In for years and has been involved in many many ways. Many people don't even realize the amount of work she has done for the cave in." Addtionally, Mr. Fell stated "I am excited to have her as this years event Chair and I know she is going to put on one gosh-darn-tootin heck of a cave in." 

    More Details about this year's Cave In will come in the near future.

    The TAG Fall Cave In is an Annual Event hosted by the Dogwood City Grotto held in October atop lookout mountain.  The Annual attendance usually surpasses 1000 attendees from all over the world.  Proceeds from the Cave In are given back to the Caving Community in the form of Grants. In the 40 Years of the Cave In History, the DCG has given back close to $200,000 in grants back to the caving community. 

    For more information about the TAG Fall Cave In, visit

    For more information about grants, or to submit a grant requests, email the grant coordinator at

  • January 02, 2018 9:00 PM | Anonymous

    At the 2018 Annual Member's meeting, the following people were elected to serve as grotto officers for the year of 2018

    Glenn Fell - Chair

    Clinton Kahl - Vice Chair

    Nancy Rogers - Treasurer

    Abbey Moore - Recording Secretary

    Jon Zetterberg - Corresponding Secretary

    Clint Garner - Public Relations

    Clinton Kahl - 2018-2021 Cave In Advisory Board

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